Tandena Wagner


Ecology Interventions

Ecology Interventions is a place where Tandena explores the inner workings of ecology and environmentalism.

I’m giving a spicy insider’s take on inventive new approaches and complex issues that riddle my field. The writing will be in-depth, but I’m skipping past the jargon and cutting straight to the core concepts. I’m also sharing my progress on my thesis project and the things I learn as I face the hurdles along the way. I plan to share original ideas on topics like terraforming, calculating ecosystem behavior, genetic banking, and a solarpunk vision of the future. If you love our planet, but all the climate doom has worn you down, I want to invite you to a version of environmentalism with hope, positive goals, and big ideas that are both practical and possible.


What is the Goal of Conservation?
Overview of competing motivations within the umbrella of Ecology.


Bio Geo Engineering

A list of demonstrations of how impactful ecological forces can be by influencing physical processes. Theoretically ecology could be harnessed to steer these forces in our favor.

A Superbloom for Ecological Data

Ecology won't be limited by inadequate species surveys anymore. Instead we'll by limited by our ability to interpret an abundance of data.

Charting My Thesis Project

Finding concentrations of neglected, under-researched, unprotected species of high evolutionary distinctiveness: a case study in bryophytes

The "Species" Problem that Breaks the Endangered Species Act

Defining biodiversity by species doesn't work.

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Re-thinking Foundations

Types of Stakeholders
A taxonomy of the groups shaping the management of wilderness areas.

Opportune Targets

Overlooked potential for environmentalism.
So far my biggest takeaways are:
1) Environmentalists are too shy of taking positive actions.
2) Actions must be based on outcomes, not on responsibility.

Conserving Biodiversity

An Intro to My Thesis Project
A case study on how to approach effective ecology from my own work on biodiversity.

Optimizing for the Long-term

Goals from a world's-eye view.